Thursday, September 21, 2017

Speed Ruck

Have no idea where this came from but this was possibly the fastest per lap pace I've had on a Thursday ruck.
A bit of adrenaline from some life drama got me going a bit and I'm sure that didn't hurt but it was fast!
Fifth lap equaled 7:17 and it was the last I started to slow down.

Felt great

45 lb ruck
6 laps
5th lap 7:17
52 min total time

BW 168.2
BF 12.9
W 56.2

need to drink more h20 in afternoon

Of to Portland tomorrow for the StrongEndurance seminar so I'll miss Sat and Sun training. I won't say I  won't welcome some unloading :)


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

24 kg speed swings 14 min, walking bw lunges,parallel pushups, handstands, side delts

Steady one today. Back to only 14 minutes ( I write that with my tongue fully in cheek) and it was strong all the way through.
Slept poorly last night and was beat but it was no problem mentally to get through it and still put max power into each rep.
Lungs and wind were fine

Looked at clock at 11:30 in, about 4 songs, that's how I count now. Just go by the song but I could look each set too and it would be no problem. Big mental gain there.
MUCH stronger

24 kg Speed swings
15:15 x 8 RPA
14 min
224 reps
11,872 lbs

walking lunges
4 laps unbroken
slower reps more focus on quad stretch and pushing knee over toe on each step

Parallel pushups

now last night is catching up to me

4 reps off bosu. best yet, hitting back beam not ceiling and played a bit with alternating leg offs

side delts
3 sets 12 with 15

just tired  now

BW 168.8 !!
BF 12.7
W 56.3

belt still in same hole tho lol

ruck up tomorrow then the weekend of StrongEndurance event. that should be very interesting


Monday, September 18, 2017

155 Military Press 8 x 3 PR!, 44 kg belt squats, floor pushups, handstands, crawls, rear delts

Wow that was a strange one. Felt great all day going in til I drive home and my left triceps starts talking to me which always says the teres or levator needs love. But it was fine all day and I had a heavy load on the menu
Worked it out as best I could and stretched the front panel but I was still tight until the 4th work set! Strong like bull though and that was good.
Nice to only have to do 3's too

All the parts were 'ok" but not great and the details make a huge difference in this lift for me

Also, took fewer warmups and bigger jumps which didn't seem to help and may have hurt. It takes me forever to warmup, no matter what

I was planning on five, if I was lucky but I kept feeling better each set and hit goal no problem, Last set was the best set!

Military Press
bar x 5
65 x 4
85 x 3
105 x 3
135 x 2 ( hit rack on walkout AND first rep! WTF? redid but it through me a bit. Move the rack over. DUH
155 x 3 x 8 sets!! PR

Next week down week after StrongEndurance weekend then up to 165 and doubles! Nice!

44 kg belt squats
4 sets of 10

legs were sore coming in. took it easy

Floor Pushups
2 sets of 35
2 set of 30

triceps cooked

Pbar handstands
3 attempts. first shaky but others right up there with holds!

3 laps

rear delts
3 sets of 12 with 20

BW  168.6
BF 12.1
W 56.7

ok needed day off tomorrow


Sunday Ruck

Solid work. Glutes and calves tired from yesterdays 200 reps but they loosened up pretty quickly( about 4 laps)

Mind set pretty strong too so that wasn't getting in my way

Ruck felt light and lungs were open pretty soon too

50 lb ruck
12 laps
11 isosquats
1:55 min

no timed laps

BW 168
BF 11.9
W 56.8

sets of 3's with 155 in the press tomorrow so we'll see how that goes


Saturday, September 16, 2017

40 kg One Arm swing 10 x 10/10, double 28 kg front squats,52 lb horiz bar pushups,handstands, side laterals

Really strong and fast training today. Shortest rest periods between these 20 rep sets ever. Not by design, just cause it was right and we were strong.

Hard to remember when I was doing these with the 48 kg . What a ball buster! These weren't easy but not 48 kg hard.
Everything felt solid. Body parts, groove, grip, strength, mind.
But it took it's toll, too.

Front squats were extra hard, not counting the heavier bells

One Arm Swings
16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 5/5
24 kg x 5/5
28 kg x 5/5
32 kg x 5/5
36 kg x 5/5
40 kg x 10/10 x 10
200 reps
17,600 lbs !

Double front squats
2 24 x 5
2 28s x 3 x 3

cleaning these were the hardest part. double bells are so awkward to me

Wt Horiz bar pushups
bw x 10
52 x 10 x 3

the sandbag is so long it rests strangely on the back and shifts a lot. I think I need dip bars now

5 reps solo.
these were good and even touched the back post instead of just reaching up for the ceiling. upper body just beat, though.

side delts
3 sets of 12 with 15

BW 168
BF 11.5
W 57.5

best numbers of late

ok ruck up tomorrow AM


Friday, September 15, 2017

Thursday Ruck

It's supposed to be cooling off but I don't feel it

Still freakin' hot at 1 pm  but suffering is the key.
Suffering well :)

In a hurry and forgot to take the usual 5 lbs out of the ruck so I suffered more

50 lb Ruck
6 laps
55 min

lots of little stops to let my calves unlock! back was a bit tired from yesterday's twenty min swings but no real worries. Just tight calves and tired.

BW 168.2
BF 12.2
W 56.7

not bad

40 kg swings for 200 reps tomorrow!


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

24 kg Speed swings 20 min, walking lunges, parallel bar pushups, handstands, rear delts

Solid solid work today. Didn't see the clock til 16 min in and then it was truly downhill. Everything strong: lunges, legs, hips, back.

All systems go.
A bit cooler too, and that really helps

24 kg Speed swings
15:15 x 8 RPA
40 sets
320 reps
16,960 lb


walking lunges
 4 sets of 40 steps

also strong unbroken laps

Parallel pushups
2 sets of 35
1 set of 30

started fine but tri's pumped up fast

Pbar handstands
5 sets of 1
best yet. starting to feel like I can extend through my arms

rear delts
3 sets of 10 with 20lbs


BW 169!
BF 12.0
W 56.5

ruck up tomorrow hope its cool


Monday, September 11, 2017

PR! 150 lb Military Press 5 x 5. 40 lg belt squat,Floor pushups, crawls, side delt, handstands

Wow! I did it. Can't believe I actually  freakin' did it.Made the adjustments, didn't mentally punk out, stayed focused, had patience and got it done.

Wow. Super super happy with this. 105 lbs over my first 5x5 set when I started on the Press Path 3 years ago. Really didn't think I would get this far. Honestly, I didn't.

But, the higher you climb the farther you see and I just kept slowly climbing higher. Same as now. I think a 180- 185 max is in the cards. My technique when i did the 175 was far inferior to what I'm doing now. Across the boards.

To me that's a foregone conclusion and lets me start to think, realistically, about 200 lbs

The hardest part today was the mind game. To not letting the anxiety of it get to me. To not giving in to negative thoughts. Or, much thoughts at all. To just being in the moment, trusting myself and just freaking going for it.

My mantra was, as it always is these days when I have to confront tasks like this head on is simple " shut up and just go. Don't think, go."

and it seems to work

An the closer I got to making all five sets the more negativity wanted to creep in. I've missed it twice on the last set. I really, really, really did not want that to happen again.

But the technique held and I had the patience to go through the motions and just push.

They were ALL pause reps too. It's easier for me but it is much stricter and I need maximal speed off the chest for it to work Easier now that I can actually get the bar to my chest and hold it there. Take the pressure off the arms

I did the layback, then, when I went for the layback/shove I really focused on driving the hips forward hard as I  arched. Worked very well. But I also have to focus on pushing the bar back over my head  as it hits mid face area and wants to stall.  But it's precarious balance too there so I can't be too explosive.

A high wire act

But today I didn't fall.
Also, stretched out front panel a lot prior to pressing . it didn't hurt

Military press
 bar x 5
65 x 4
85 x 3
105 x 3
135 x 2 ( never made this jump before! made me a bit nervous but it went well
150 x 5 x 5 PR !!

40 kg Belt squat
4 sets of 14


Floor pushups
3 sets of 40

ties PR last ten of last set were all singles from the top! finally my hyperextending elbows come in handy

3 sets of 70 ft

side delts
3 sets of 12 with 15's

Pbar handstands
 6 reps

tight as hell! and tired as hell in my handstanding muscles too but I made them!!!

BW 168.8
BF 11.3
W 57.5

strange but I feel big and lean

well deserved rest day tomorrow!!


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